What is TIN stars

TIN stars is appliaction to promote the activity by instagram and facebook, our website is the influencer portal of thailand.


Advertising Through Social Media (SNS)

Using social media as a tool to draw attention to a product or service with useful reviews and word-of-mouth in order to create brand awareness and ultimately to promote sales.


Appointing Model or Brand Ambassador To Promote Your Product/Service

Selecting a model as well as a brand ambassador, who matches your product/service, to represent your brand and to help increasing brand awareness and sales.


Organizing a round-table discussion

Holding a round-table discussion where the participants can try out actual product/service in order to share an informative feedback, or even write an impression down as an article



Appointing number of influencers to try out actual product/service and complete a survey.


Appointing Influencers to Participate in an Event

Selecting influencers, who match the product/service, to join an event such as opening party or product/service launch event in order to generate word-of-mouth


TIN Stars Affiliate Programs

Influencers who join TIN Stars Affiliate program will be able to try out products/services which they want to write a review about. In return, their effort will be rewarded each time customer bought the product.


Inviting Influencers to Japan To Promote Product/Service

Selecting appropriate influencers to promote product or service through their social media channels or even joining an event in Japan


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